open-source contributions

My primary data analysis tool is the wonderful open-source language, python. There has been a recent push in the Geoscience community toward the language, since domain-specific packages can be developed fully open-source and the language supports out-of-memory computation with dask and easy analysis over labelled arrays with xarray. I collaborate with developers primarily through the pangeo project.

core developer

co-founding author and core developer
:earth_americas: an xarray wrapper for analysis of ensemble forecast models for climate prediction :earth_americas:
documentation and installation here

founding author and core developer
:octopus: a toolbox for Earth System Model analysis :octopus:
documentation and installation here

core developer/maintainer
xarray wrapper for metrics for verifying forecasts
added area-weighting and skipna to all functions
documentation and installation here


contributing author
NCAR package of tools for working with Earth system multi-model analyses with xarray
added significance testing for statistics
documentation and installation here

Lagrangian, In Situ, Global, High-Performance Particle Tracking (LIGHT)
contributing author
an online Lagrangian particle tracking system for the MPAS–O ocean model
Added biogeochemical "sensors" so the floats can record the time history of carbon, nutrients, and oxygen
description of LIGHT here

contributing author
provides analysis for the Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) components of ACME
added support for ocean biogeochemistry
documentation and installation here